Creative Risk Takers

Graduates from Olin College of Engineering are recognized for their creativity, teamwork and risk-taking, so it’s no surprise that those same characteristics describe our faculty. Our faculty are willing and excited to work outside their comfort zones, and collaborate with students, staff and faculty from all disciplines to realize learning opportunities for all. Like being a student at Olin, working as a faculty member here is good, hard, fun. 

The first priority of the faculty team at Olin is to help students develop, both inside and outside the classroom. Helping students develop, of course, includes facilitating learning in the classroom, but it also includes a lot more – from discussing a startup idea over lunch to leading a co-curricular on pickle-making to helping students develop and teach a new course.

Olin faculty are also engaged in making a difference outside of Olin, they contribute to state-of-the-art research in coding theory or robotics, they help other institutions develop and implement innovations in engineering education, they author books, they help organize an international design summit and much much more. And as often as not, this external work involves collaboration with students as well as other faculty members, both inside and outside of Olin.

And finally, since Olin is committed to ongoing innovation, a critical part of being a faculty member at Olin is contributing to the ongoing building of the college. This may include creating new courses, developing better ways to implement study away, or re-thinking our approach to fabrication. Our faculty are fully committed to making Olin a better place and changing engineering education along the way.